Another Day, Another Story

I cannot say I am a multifaceted person. But I can say I have done a lot for an early twenties young man. Some will admire what I have done while others will downplay what I have achieved. Personally I would be among the latter!

You know why?

Because we have billionaires younger than me!

One principle in life is we must always create plans 200 years ahead of us. (I am not saying you plan on how you will build condos in the Afterlife though! 😂😂) I simply mean our life is bigger than our own lifespan. One is never truly dead! Einstein, for instance, is almost considered still alive coz of the impacf of his discoveries in the world of mathematics and physics. The works of Oscar and Wilbur Wright (the inventors of the aeroplane) is still being advanced way beyond what they ever imagined! Yet if they would come to life, they would still claim their work as their own no questions asked.

Don’t get my message wrong though. I am not saying we become inventors! We can’t all be THAT great! But we must be great nevertheless! Our lives have been designed for greatness and the only way to see that is if we see 200 years into our own future.


I’ll give you an example; 200 years from now we most definitely will have cloud computing as the most prominent method of storing data. 99% of the persons in the world will be ICT literate. So my plan now is to create a business that will still be very relevant 200 years from now. I own a printing and graphics design firm and what I have began doing is placing all of the quotations that we make online so that one will not have to call to get a quotation. All they have to do is check on our online site and compare their query with existing quotations. They will only ask for quotations directly from the office if they do not find their query online. I am also working on a Talent Development concept that is aimed at using the massive network on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud to help our young artists to produce good music and showcase their artistic capabilities and get into the market without having to spend a dime (the cost will be on us)! Using the various advertising tools on this channels, instead of advertising some business, we will advertise our own vocal and visual artists and innovators and thus get traction into our site and consequently get our art to sell!

This are all solutions to existing problems! And they will last beyond my own life span! (Don’t try to steal the ideas though! Actualizing them is quite difficult!)

So basically you get where I am headed! So watch my space! You might end up being very useful in future to my endeavors as I will be to yours! 😉


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