You know, the very first times one actually starts blogging he/she

(had to add the ‘she’ but really? God didn’t have to write ‘he/she’ in the bible yet He was not a chauvinist! I am a Christian so don’t expect me to do that again!! 🙂 )

has NO FREAKING IDEA as to what he should blog about. They just wanna speak their heart out and effect some lil change in the society. So I can promise you I am not gonna share this post with anyone however public it may be! B-)

I decided to write this post to shed a lil light on some of the internal thoughts great minds have. We are tired of listening to success stories of great men who have no proof of how they became great!

I believe I will be great!
So this will be my success story!
Stick with me and grow in my footsteps into greatness. 20 years from now you will thank me n my lil (from the pic he daent look like it…..;-) ) guardian angel!! 🙂

Goodnight World!


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