I Met a Girl…… 

I saw her across the hall on the very first day she reported to the institution. Her back all curved. Not backwards in that gracious way on the nape above the ass, where all men seem to drool for a chance to lay their hands on in warm embrace. But rather, it etched forward in an unfashionable manner from all the luggage it was supporting. I could help her….. Continue reading “I Met a Girl…… “


My eye roams, My heart doesn’t

In different shapes and sizes,
Variable in a range of prices,
Of different colours,
From different places,
Yet they all pleased the eye,
Some not as much as others,
Some have more thorns on their stalk,
The eye nevertheless still fancies them all,
For their beauty nonetheless still awes thy soul Continue reading “My eye roams, My heart doesn’t”

Dreams of A Young Deadman

Damn! Its 8:30 am and I am still in bed! My office is two hours away and I need to be there by 9:00 am! I definitely know am totally screwed! My shampoo was splattered all over by my small brother in is “drunken morning stupor”! Damn I am gonna rip this brat’s brain off his skull! But I love him too much! He saved his pocket money and bought me a phone for my birthday! (Even though it wasn’t a phone I could actually use but still….that was so adorable) Continue reading “Dreams of A Young Deadman”