I Met a Girl…… 

I saw her across the hall on the very first day she reported to the institution. Her back all curved. Not backwards in that gracious way on the nape above the ass, where all men seem to drool for a chance to lay their hands on in warm embrace. But rather, it etched forward in an unfashionable manner from all the luggage it was supporting. I could help her…..but I was needed elsewhere so all I could do was see and empathize. She looked tired! Exhausted! Beat from the hot sun of the region! If I was to kiss her neck at that very moment I think I could charge a 9V battery with my tongue! The acidity reeking from her neck in form of sweat was a sight to behold! And not a beautiful one of course! Yet her eyes…..shaped in a manner as if forming an acute “V” on her small face……..I just couldn’t stop staring! Who is she? An angel? A demon? I now know it was a lil bit of both!
A month! That how long it took for me to see her again, this time under more gracious circumstances. The lady heavily burdened by the weight on her back as well as the weight on her thoughts with regards to how she would survive in this new territory,  had now been lifted.  She had moved on so fast as to be walking side by side with one of the prominent fisis in the territory. Yes, she was a huge prey for all who would have hunted in her direction. A patient lion would have to employ more tact for such a hunt. She didn’t have that grace of a giraffe, no. Rather, she had the mass and strength of a wildebeest. A huge well-curved wildebeest. But the face and movement of her body would be likened to that of a peacock! Don’t picture this literally though! That’s a pathetic combination! But true nonetheless. The fisi walking beside her seemed so proud of himself! Surely he must have convinced himself that he made a kill large enough to last him through the winter of January! Too bad that he counted his chicks before they hatched because no sooner had he made a pass at her than she had left for another! And she didn’t even look back at the “good ol’ memories” they shared! The embers of that flame were shut long before the flame was even light! I stood there and watched all this while…….and waited.

Many more have come since then. Many more have failed. It made me doubt myself! What makes me the one to break this curse? What makes me think I can where others have failed? Fine, I have a huge reputation! But with great recognition, comes great misinformation. And definitely this shall put me at a disadvantage! Ok! I have the tongue of a snake soother but what is that compared to one who has rejected so many? My tongue has gotten me into more shit than it has gotten me out of! It could as well burn this bridge down! But Screw It! I have to try! So in that very moment I see her walking towards me! Of course she wasn’t walking TOWARDS ME but from the way I looked at her for the last 15 seconds………she knew…….she was ready……..this is THAT GUY……….her defenses were already up…….she was fully prepared to employ her best tactics to dissuade me from even dreaming about her. But something just happened. As she walked towards me, a stone happened to be blocking her way, but she was too busy trying to behave as if she didn’t notice me that she failed to notice the stone! And it was a hit! Thank you Universe! She came flying all the way to the floor! I had to act fast lest her face would meet the concrete floor! I tried to jump to catch her midair! But she was quite a distance! I couldn’t make it! So I put my shoe in between her face and the floor just at the time she was about to break her fall onto the floor face flat. She met the shoe with considerable force! There was no grace,  no defense in that fall! It was a funny yet serious fall! Her knees where bleeding and she was in a lot of pain! It took all her strength for her not to cry at that moment. I needed no command to naturally lift her and tidy her up in preparation for taking her to the nursing unit! That peacock walk was now nothing more than a mongrel’s limp after it had paid a visit to a mosque! She never spoke to me. Only to the doctor. And when she was fully dressed she just limped past me into whatever darkness she had gone to to lick off her physical and psychological wounds. I didn’t stop her. I didn’t have to. “She will find me”, I told myself. One week, two weeks, three weeks, a month! I didn’t see her again! I forgot all about her and moved on! Then one night I had a knock on my door. I was nursing a crazy hangover and neither had the money nor the tolerance to handle guests. First knock…..I tossed……Second knock……I turned……Third knock…….aargh! I woke up just to confirm it’s not the stupid landlord coming to collect proof of rent payment! And in a very agitated mode I opened the door ready to rain hell!

“Hi! Can I come in?”

It was her……..I froze!

It’s been 24 months now! And I feel exhausted! Peace is now a foreign concept! Proper grooming has become a luxury reserved only for the rich and happy! And may be rich but I am still far from happy! My beautiful peacock had now evolved into a rabid dog spewing venom from her mouth as if it woukd have put food on the table. The sponsors used to dropped her at my house…Yes! Sponsors! As if I do not have enough! Simply because someone flashed an iPhone 9 before your eyes you automatically conclude his golden sausage is yours for the taking? It could as well be a sticker or screen printing! More so he could be rolling with loaned money and walks around town signing titles on credit in your name, with a copy of your ID which you happened to drop at his doorstep as he was busy mining gold in between your thighs! And when they were done mining her, they used to drop off a large, empty depleted mine full of debt for me to care for! One would ask, where did I go wrong? What happened? Well the answer is simple, I had expected too much! I wanted an angel! I got a human being! At the end of the day she was just a young lady discovering herself! My selfishness, over ambition and general lack of interest pushed her away! The more she tried to please this hero of hers who made her kiss his foot, the more I drew away! She was an angel! I brought out the demon in her! I did this!

I met a girl…….and I destroyed her with love!


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