My eye roams, My heart doesn’t

In different shapes and sizes,
Variable in a range of prices,
Of different colours,
From different places,
Yet they all pleased the eye,
Some not as much as others,
Some have more thorns on their stalk,
The eye nevertheless still fancies them all,
For their beauty nonetheless still awes thy soul


A White Rose is elegantly poise
A Red Rose is romantically posed
A Lilly is meekly potrayed
So are most other beauties in their beauty
Yet the ugliest happens to make thee happiest
Queries flow with insanity
Questioning the authenticity of my reality
Jealousy is now fuel for the duel among beauties
My intervention becomes a distraction to the imminent destruction in action
So I seat back and watch as it all unfolds
My eyes roam from one lilly to another glory
Yet my heart is steady
On the one they consider ugly
So when the dust is settled
My heart will be settled
With that ONE as I watch her bloom
To the most beautiful of all known

Its your gentleman….TheVoiceInYourHead


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