A Light that May Never Shine

My love is unrewarded!

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Its impressive as it is amazing
Filled with the aura of daisy
And the overflowing aroma of lilies
Its blazing inside my head
I cant even get to bedIts expensive even for the rich
I believe its beyond reach.
Yet I strive to thrive in this hive
Of impossibilities and possible calamities
I may lose myself
Or gain lots of wealth
Its a gamble
To scramble in the rubble
To find my path to you
A light i may never view

You who is gracious without measure
You who glides in a life of pleasure
You who’s heart is purer than silver
You whom I love and lust with equal measure
I see your heart
I see a chance of us to patch
Yet an intensity exists to make us part
Vanquish that which was set in the stars
So I push with hope
That i won’t be at the loose end of the rope
That i won’t be forced to cope
With the harsh blow of a “Nope”

Your countenance is not without vibrance
Your illumination; a source of jubilation Your vision is light for a generation
So the ember of shame still roar with rage
As a reminder of the promise I lay to waste
Of the potential i set up in flames
Our bloom was in sight
Success was close to mind
Yet now we are just but slime
A Light that may Never Shine

Its your gentleman….TheVoiceInYourHead

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