Dreams of A Young Deadman

Damn! Its 8:30 am and I am still in bed! My office is two hours away and I need to be there by 9:00 am! I definitely know am totally screwed! My shampoo was splattered all over by my small brother in is “drunken morning stupor”! Damn I am gonna rip this brat’s brain off his skull! But I love him too much! He saved his pocket money and bought me a phone for my birthday! (Even though it wasn’t a phone I could actually use but still….that was so adorable)

But I aint got time to think about that! I have more important matters at hand; like my aching stomach! Doc told me last week  I have an acidic stomach so all I could picture was a piece of chicken disappearing in my stomach before its digestion due to the acidity. No wonder I never get satisfied unless I eat as if the  world will come to an end in the next few minutes.
I get to the shower and behold….. THE PIPES HAVE RUN OUT OF WATER!!
I immediately fell sick! My stomach ache multiplied by tenfold and a migraine came out of the blues like a terrorist attack!

Its 9:30 am and I am still in my boxers, my body still reeking from last night’s sweat! 10 minutes later my boss calls!

“Fernando where are you? We have a long day today and you know that! So By Jove where are you?”

No response


No response

For in that moment I saw the only existing keys to our office (safe for the spare keys that are held at the vice chancellor’s) on my bed. In that moment I fell to the ground with a thud never to rise again.

I now stare at my two day old corpse at my commoners grave in the local cemetery! Below my name lay the words “Therein Lays Great Promise”. Its a simple grave! No one would even know I lay there. Within a few year I would be just but a memory in the minds of 0.00000001% of the world’s population. My autopsy sounded very cold…. “Case number 4367: Fernando Bugani Torino, Age 23. Cause of death; suffered from a cardiovascular system dysfunction hence a severe stroke, Summary; The subject died from shock caused by prolonged stress and anxiety.

I now spend my days trying to weed my grave yard that is increasingly becoming a nurturing area for weeds.
I will graduate with a Honorary Bachelor’s degree in Graveyard Topography. I will build my virtual grave weeding company. I don’t need children or a wife, I have WEEDS! I will be accorded with a Nobel Prize for Best Grave Weeder. I will die AGAIN a Successful Grave Weeder.

But no soul will remember me! Not even the dead among me will see me!

Its your gentleman….TheVoiceInYourHead


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